The Advantages Of Higher Education Through Online Schooling, And How To Get Started?

Number one, and the most obvious advantage to education is Money, but it could be getting that job you have always wanted. Our daughter wanted to be a teacher and recently she earned her Masters Degree, online in teaching. Not only did she get the job she wanted, her pay was a lot higher than if she had not pursued her Masters. The average increase in pay for a Masters Degree from a Bachelors Degree is $7,000 – $15,000 per year for teaching, multiple that by the number of years she will be teaching, and you can easily see the benefits of online schooling. Statistics show that a person with a Masters Degree earns $31,900 more per year on average than a high school graduate, that is a difference of about 105%!

Average Annual Earnings for College Graduates and Non-Graduates:

Professional Degree $109,600 per year

Doctoral Degree $89,400

Masters Degree $62,300

Bachelors Degree $52,200

Associate Degree $38,200

Some College $36,800

High School Graduate $30,400

Some High School $23,400

Average Annual Earnings-Different Levels of Education. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Surveys, March 1998, 1999, and 2000.

As you can plainly see, a person with a Bachelors Degree will earn, just about twice as much as workers with a high school diploma over a lifetime ($2.1 million compared to $1.2 million).

Workers-Life Earnings for Full-Time Employees, Including College Graduates and Non-Grads: (In $ Millions)

Professional Degree $4.4 million

Doctoral Degree $3.4

Master Degree $2.5

Bachelor Degree $2.1

Associate Degree $1.6

Some College $1.5

High School Graduate $1.2

Some High School $1.0

Average Lifetime Earnings-Different Levels of Education. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Surveys, March 1998, 1999, and 2000.

So, how do you get from here to Master? There are numerous ways, but the first step is that you need to get started.

You can go to any online schooling educational portal, or a college of your choice, and do a search for online classes in the career field you are interest you.

We suggest that you contact at least three schools, because, they will each have different criteria and programs. When the counselor calls you about enrolling, listen to what they have to say, and if they don’t answer these basic questions then ask, where classes are held, if they’re completely online or on campus and online? If you are not sure of the field of study you should be in, ask if the school offers career testing, this will narrow down what area of study you should concentrate in. Also, ask about financing, see what type of financial aid they have and scholarship programs that could apply to you. There is plenty of financing out there for you, it is just a matter of finding it, and ask your boss if they pay for any educational programs.

Other questions to ask a counselor:

How many online courses does the school offer?

How long has the school been offering courses online?

What is the student to instructor ratio?

What are the direct costs to take courses from the school?

What is the schools refund policy?

What type of financial aid is available to you? – Again, this is a very important question, you want to find out what types of aid is available (grants, scholarships, loans), their sources (federal, state, institutional), and whether you meet the eligibility criteria.

Does the school accept transfer credits?

Does the school accept test credits?

Does the school require you to spend time on campus?

What are the student services that will be available to you if you enroll? Many colleges offer tutorial services, career planning, and general counseling to students on-campus. Find out if these services are available to you as a distance learning student.

What are the job-placement rates for graduates of the programs you’ll be taking?

How will lectures be conducted?

How will you be expected to submit assignments and collaborate with other students?

What is the dropout rate for the programs you will be taking?

What is the graduation rate for the same programs?

Advantageous to online schooling:

Setting your own schedule – not having to be in class at a certain time.

No drive time – saving you time and money.

Studies – you can complete most of the coursework when it is convenient for you.

In conclusion: Remember schools make their profit by working with you, they need you, and we all know that everybody benefits from a higher education, but you’ll have the biggest benefit of all, the knowledge and a diploma.

Live Chat Software for Education Industry

Everyone seeks help when they land on something new and unknown to them. Learning and help go hand in hand everywhere. You cannot imagine a day when you haven’t learnt a new thing without seeking help from someone. Education is one such business, where you study and learn with the help of your teachers and facilitators. Nowadays everything is going digital and modern, even education had the impact from this internet savvy era. Students now study online with a variety of educational related material in the form of e-books and online tutoring websites. Off course sometimes, like a real-time class, they need to talk to a resource person who can help them with their run-time questions and queries. In other words students who seek online help and guidance for studies also need a dedicated person or online tutor who can help them.

The solution is simple and trusted the use of effective and reliable live chat software for education-related websites and portals. Good live chat software normally provides all the necessary facilities and advantages that you need to serve your customers. It provides you full support in terms of automatic chat routing, chat conversations save feature, multilingual support, complete content management system and database. You can also get tailor made live chat software according to your educational portal needs. One of the key benefits can be that students will tend to get their education related queries being answered in no time.

The mechanism will be that students will get the answer to their questions from an expert teacher who is using good live chat software to chat with the visitors. Through the chat conversation saving facility you can also reproduce the chat at later times to recall the questions and answer them better because sometimes it needs time to understand and suggest a solution to the problem. A more interactive conversation means better understanding for the students and ease of use for the teacher as well.

Due to the multilingual support feature for most of the live chat software applications, you can also provide answers to students asking questions in any language. So the language barrier is also gone now as far as learning is concerned. In case you have a huge educational portal where lots of students come in and ask questions, where a strong live chat software is required to withstand the chat load of visitors, you can depute as many chat operators as you want. A good database to store chats also allows you to save as well as make use of all the chat conversations for references.

In short, like many others benefits, live chat software can also help teachers as well as students eliminate the physical barriers to impart and learn education. You can now get your hands on any of the good live chat software, like WebGreeter to make your website go an extra mile in serving the students as well as others. After all it is a digital world and we live in a global e-village.

Further Education Jobs

Education jobs are numerous. Of course, there are those which are solely focused on teaching. There are many educational institutions offering from preschool to post graduate education which constantly hire professional teachers. They alone provide thousands of education jobs for those with degrees in education.

However, there are further education jobs out there which are not limited to teaching. For starters, there are administrative education jobs you can apply to. If you don’t like teaching kids and grown ups, you can always apply for administrative positions like being a dean, principal or department head. Your main focus will be the supervision of the overall function of the institution. You’ll be in charge of educational programs and supervising the faculty and see to it that they’re doing their responsibilities according to standards.

Another interesting job in line with education is that of a registrar and cashier. You don’t need to have an education degree to apply for such positions. A degree in accounting or commerce is enough. As a registrar, you’ll be in charge of the records of all students. On the other hand, being a cashier entails responsibilities such as organizing all accounts including payments of students and salaries of teachers.

If you’re a bookworm, you’ll find the job as librarian very enjoyable. Most educational institutions prefer licensed librarians to work for them but for small schools, a degree in education is enough. In addition, you have to be extremely organized and strict when it comes to the policies of the library in case of borrowing and using of books and other resource materials.

Being a guidance counselor is one of the most challenging education jobs out there. You need to have a degree in psychology to get into this job since it’s very sensitive. You’ll be dealing with students of all ages and from different backgrounds. Oftentimes, you have to help students deal with their problems, decision-making, and preparing them in choosing their desired careers in life.

Just so you know there are also education jobs you can now find online. Many online education portals are looking for tutors to teach English as a Second Language to non-native speakers. You can earn extra money by simply teaching English to foreigners for a few hours everyday or by helping kids with their homework. Not only that, but you can also help others publish eBooks, write articles, and maintain blogs.

Education jobs are varied that even if you don’t have a degree in education, you have a big chance of getting in. You can earn a reasonable salary as a full time employee and earn extra cash at the same time working online or after school hours.